Monday, 17 September 2007

WIP x 4

Still having a ball with this unrestricted style. All of these new ones I'm doing I'll probably just give them another once over. I don't want to tamper with them too much, as I don't want them to loose their fluidity.

Loving painting this one - have tried to be very rough with the application of paint, while still maintaining key facial shapes etc... Also need to colour and texture the background space.

The background hasn't come out too well in the photograph - though there is a car there :)

This one happened very fast - one of those paintings that just happens in a matter of minutes.

Had trouble with this one a bit - will prob need to thin her neck a tad. The most fun was writing on the T-shirt:)

So as I said they'll all get another going over - though to tell you the truth I prob wont do too much more to them..


michelle giacobello said...

Gosh you're pumping them out arn't you!!

My fave is the first one - would look great as an album cover. Go Daniel go!

A Reason to Paint said...

Your work is getting more and more interesting Daniel; keep it up, I am enjoying watching the process.

Daniel Sanger said...

Thanks guys:)

Michelle: Yeah I like the 1st best too - does look like an album cover doesn't it:)

reason to paint: I'm so glad you like the new direction I'm going in. It's weird finding a new style - always scared if it will be well received or not:)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

its looking great Daniel .. your new style is great.. its enough to say something .. but not too much as to overwork it.. i think they are all looking great... :)

Lauren said...

Wow, your new work is looking great! I think they are all good, but the composition on the top one rocks! Well done.

Daniel Sanger said...

Thanks for the kind words Lauren:) So glad you like them!