Thursday, 31 May 2007

Drum Roll Please.....

Yesterday I excitedly purchased a canvas for my 2nd oil painting. It's 30 x 30inch and will surely be quite the challenge. As I'm in no immediate rush to finish I'm happy to take it nice and slow, giving it all the time and attention required. I'm continuing my Japanese theme by loosely basing my next piece on this photograph...

drum roll please....

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Self Portrait Wednesday

I really like this striped top - It's soooo warm and comfortable. It looks very French, though was apparently made in Denmark. So there you go!

I just didn't know what else to write about.. LOL


My god it was cold this morning! Jem and I left the house at about 6:30am this morning to take her car to the mechanic - we're both still thawing out! It's freezing out there! I must admit however I do prefer the colder weather, just not at 6:30am :) Anyway that was my rant, back to painting...
I've decided to paint a Geisha in the snow. I may go a larger canvas for this one, not sure yet. I just think the contrast of the white snow and all the bright colours of the geisha will work very well together. Still thinking about this one - so will get back to you:)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Another on the go...

As drying time for oil layers is pretty damn long, I've decided to have two on the go at once (paintings that is - lol). I'll alternate between the two, depending on which is drying at the time. Now for the hard part - I'm stumped as to what to paint? Now if you read my blog on a regular basis you'll have a fair idea of my style and subject matter - so I put it to you - ' What do you think I should paint?' Sure, I'll prob ignore your suggestion and come up with one of my own (hahaha), then again your suggestion may lead me in a new and exciting direction. Who knows:)

Monday, 28 May 2007

Illustration Friday - CARS

Background Story..

Was quite a busy weekend, though still managed to achieve some intense painting. I painted the background a very dull dark green. Then while still wet, I painted strokes for the leaves in a light green. As I was painting wet, they blended into each other, which was exactly what I wanted them to do - thank god! So I now have a dark background with subtle hints of leaves - I basically want the background to be slightly blurred - just showing enough to hint at what it is. Now I haven't touched the rest since last week - so I still need to do the hair, gown and some decorations in her hair. Here you go...

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Finding the time..

Sometimes it's just so hard to find the time to paint. The worst thing is when time does become available and you're too exhausted to do anything about it. Seems to be things always crop up and foil painting plans when least expected. Obviously such things can't be avoided, though it would be nice to have a whole week of solid painting! Now that would be great:) I guess I'll have to accept that I'll be squeezing in painting time when possible for quite some time. It just makes one wonder how much work and artistic development would occur if full time painting was realised.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Self Portrait Wednesday

Here I am again - In the same wanky pose.. But I am wearing my new skull top! This top was designed by a local Melbourn fashion designer from RMIT. I would give you his name - though I don't know it:) Enjoy!

The eyes have it...

It was damn cold last night. So much so, I didn't paint much as my painting room just got way too cold to stay in. I was considering bringing in the portable heater, though I wasn't sure how the paint would react. I did manage to make a start on the eyes though. Maybe next painting session I'll rug up like an Eskimo.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Illustration Friday - Signs

This one makes no sense - but hey, who cares:)

More Progress...

I'm pretty sure by now you're all sick to death of these constant updates on this painting - though honesty, I have nothing else to show you:) So Geisha painting progress it is! I didn't get much time to paint on the weekend, though I did make some progress on the lips and eyes. I've completed a first layer for lips and have marked out some basic lines to help with eye position. I give this painting another week and a half - all going well.

Friday, 18 May 2007


I just wanted to show those who are thinking about using oils just how smooth they are. I've whacked in an extreme close-up of my painting so far - just to show how soft and smooth the brush strokes actually are with oils.


More progress....

I did some further face tinkering last night and am once again very happy with my progress. Very soon I'll be giving her some eyes and then maybe some lips for good measure. All in good time.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Illustration Friday - CITRUS

Having a ball!

I am loving oils even more. Last night I had a great time just tinkering with the basic tones of the face. I feel I can do no wrong with oils. If I'm not happy with where I've painted, I simply move the paint about! It's that easy! I also painted in a basic base layer for the background.

Here's my progress from last night..

Monday, 14 May 2007

Glorious Oils!

Let me just say oils kick acrylic butt. I mean oils pick up acrylic by the scruff of the neck and throw them out of the ring! They're that much better. Painting with oil paint is like painting with butter, so soft and gentle. The blending is amazing - I mean this medium blends like no other. I'll go so far as to say that oil paint could challenge any other medium in the ring and still retain the title as 'World's Greatest Medium'. Oh, and the colour! It's just so vibrant and rich. I can't express my new found love for oils enough. I just wish I'd started using them years ago. I've used every main medium out there, though it figures I've left oils until last!

Well I started my first Geisha on the weekend, and I must say I'm very happy with my progress. Bare in mind this is only the first layer - so much much much more detail to come! Enjoy:)

Friday, 11 May 2007

Geishas! Geishas! Geishas!

I've decided on a series of four Geishas! The subject matter is quite interesting to me, and I'm hoping their colourful appearance will look very rich and vibrant in oils. I'm not denying it will be a challenge as it's my first time with oils, though honestly that is half the appeal.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

What to paint?'s a tough one. With so many ideas floating around in my head, it's hard to actually pin one down and run with it. I'm going to have to flick through my collection of photographs once again and hope that something suddenly jumps out and slaps me! I'll most likely go in a traditional direction this time. Definitely figurative as usual, with much use of rich warm colour and texture. My goal for today is to pick something! Suggestions welcome...

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Self-Portrait Wednesday

Here we go!

Oil Spill!

This coming Saturday I'm going the oils. After a quick trip to the art shop yesterday I'm all stocked up on supplies and am now learning as many oil painting tips as I can get! There seem to be so many rules and steps to follow that it's doing my head in! Fingers crossed for this weekend!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Canterbury Art Show

It was an amazing show full of amazing works by amazing artists! Basically amazing all round! I'll admit straight up that I sold 0 of my 4 works. But that's okay. I heard many positive comments about my work, though nobody was willing to take one home. Which is ok too. I'm not entirely sure my work suited the market Canterbury attracted anyway. It became clear that my work was way too edgy and youthful to appeal to a majority of the crowd that attended. The majority of the work that did sell was of a happy whimsical nature. My work was probably too confronting for some, and probably reminded many of the 50+ crowd of their children! LOL But once again, that's okay.

I'd also like to congratulate my extremely talented friend Michelle Giacobello on selling 2 pieces! I rang her on opening night, very excited that she'd sold one (a big one!) very early on in the evening! Congrats! Her work looked amazing up close, and attracted many admirers.

So next year for Canterbury I shall tailor my art for the market the show attracts. Which doesn't mean I'm selling out at all. Just changing theme and tone a tad to appeal to a majority of the buyers, who were all over 50. And yes, I guess if I were over 50 I wouldn't want a punk chick staring at me while I read the paper:) LOL

Friday, 4 May 2007

Big Opening!

I'm very excited! Tonight Jem and I are off to the opening night of the Canterbury Art Show! I'll no doubt be hanging around my 4 paintings secretly listening in to people's opinions:) I'm sure it will be a great night as there are so many talented people exhibiting this year. Hopefully I make a sale! Wish me luck!

Blast from the past..

I just received an email from my parents. They've recently purchased a scanner, and are literally scanning any family photographs they come across. Well they sent through a photograph of me at about 5 years of age. So weird to see myself that young - and with blonder then blond hair! It's amazing how much we change over the years. Everybody I show this photograph to is utterly shocked to learn that it's me! It's funny how despite the obvious changes I can totally still see myself, where others can't at all:)

hmmm - not much diff between the two! yeah right! hahaha


I've basically sussed out the body with a rough under-painting. Just getting the stance how I want it before I start applying fine detail and colour. I'm still really enjoying this one, and hope to have it done by Monday!

Thursday, 3 May 2007


I love the rain. I mean I'm obsessed with it. There's something very safe and comfortable about it. I can't help but feel each time it rains it's my own personal shower, just for me. So when driving to work this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find it bucketing down! This brought the biggest smile to my face, which grew even more when the thunder and lighting decided to join the show. Let's hope it continues!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Canterbury Tales!

Well the Canterbury Art Exhibition has put me up on their site ( as well as everybody else). It's a short biography and pics of my four pieces.

Check it out!

The start....

I had a fantastic night painting. Everything pretty much fell into place, and the time just whooshed by. This canvas is a tad smaller than previous paintings, though I'm finding it more enjoyable working on a slightly smaller scale. I'm also limiting my palette to various shades of brown. Hopefully this will give the painting a gentle subtlety - how wanky was that! haha

Still much to do...

Self Portrait Wednesday

Here you go!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Illustration Friday - Remember

Now this one is quite sad - you have been warned.

There would be nothing more sad than forgetting the ones you love, or indeed being the forgotten loved ones in question.


Tonight I'll be starting my next painting. As this one is not for Canterbury, I'll be able to take my time with it. It will be wonderful to paint this weekwithout a looming deadline hanging above my head.

I've mocked up a composition in Photoshop, manipulating the image to give an interesting look and feel. This pic will be used as a loose reference - the actual painting will look much different.