Wednesday, 30 May 2007


My god it was cold this morning! Jem and I left the house at about 6:30am this morning to take her car to the mechanic - we're both still thawing out! It's freezing out there! I must admit however I do prefer the colder weather, just not at 6:30am :) Anyway that was my rant, back to painting...
I've decided to paint a Geisha in the snow. I may go a larger canvas for this one, not sure yet. I just think the contrast of the white snow and all the bright colours of the geisha will work very well together. Still thinking about this one - so will get back to you:)


michelle giacobello said...

Geisha in the snow sounds good.

The shapes of twisted dark branches against the snow is lovely, and I also really, really love those parasol things made of waxed paper.
Very decorative and colourful.

Sorry - this is your painting not mine. hahahaha

Daniel Sanger said...

hahha no - all good ideas!

I was actually thinking of the geisha would be holding one of those parasols in the snow. I like your idea of the twisted branches - that will help frame the painting:)

All great ideas! thanks!