Monday, 7 May 2007

Canterbury Art Show

It was an amazing show full of amazing works by amazing artists! Basically amazing all round! I'll admit straight up that I sold 0 of my 4 works. But that's okay. I heard many positive comments about my work, though nobody was willing to take one home. Which is ok too. I'm not entirely sure my work suited the market Canterbury attracted anyway. It became clear that my work was way too edgy and youthful to appeal to a majority of the crowd that attended. The majority of the work that did sell was of a happy whimsical nature. My work was probably too confronting for some, and probably reminded many of the 50+ crowd of their children! LOL But once again, that's okay.

I'd also like to congratulate my extremely talented friend Michelle Giacobello on selling 2 pieces! I rang her on opening night, very excited that she'd sold one (a big one!) very early on in the evening! Congrats! Her work looked amazing up close, and attracted many admirers.

So next year for Canterbury I shall tailor my art for the market the show attracts. Which doesn't mean I'm selling out at all. Just changing theme and tone a tad to appeal to a majority of the buyers, who were all over 50. And yes, I guess if I were over 50 I wouldn't want a punk chick staring at me while I read the paper:) LOL


michelle giacobello said...

Gee thanks for the shout! *blushing*

Your work was awesome Daniel. I'm really amazed you didn't sell, but I do think it was just the market.

People seemed to be looking for pretty things to brighten a corner, and yours may have packed a bit too much of a punch.

I'm sure you're quietly proceeding with plan B ;) and in no time at all we'll be clamouring for autographs.

Angela said...

I'm glad that you had a good time Daniel. :) I sure with that I could see Michelle's work in person. You lucky Duck you. LOLOLOL Anyhoo, sounds like you had a wonderful time!