Thursday, 27 September 2007

Our first meeting..

My first meeting with Santo was absolutely fantastic. From the second he arrived I felt so at ease in his company. He was just an incredibly down to earth and extremely friendly guy. We met at a cafe in Chapel St and just talked about everything and anything. I was very flattered as he said he was a big fan of my work and asked to keep the photographs of my paintings I brought to show him. I was like ' hell yeah, take them all!'. We decided on a location he'd be most comfortable in for our sessions and in a couple of weeks it's all systems go! Unfortunately my attempts at convincing him of a Late Show renuinion didn't work though - there's always our next meeting!


Robert said...

That's great! Keep working on the reunion. Looking forwards to hear about how it all progresses

Anonymous said...

love your work - especially the drummer -