Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Three down, one to go...

Well, you probably wont be able to tell the difference between this pic and the one posted yesterday. The differences are subtle, though I can now say it is 100% done! About bloody time!

Unfortunately I find that the photographs of my paintings always come out too dark or too light. I try to enhance them using Photoshop - though never looks as good as the real thing. Enjoy:)


Anonymous said...

Well wonderful job! Have to say that I can't see much of a difference. It has my keeping looking though to try to find one. Hint maybe?

Daniel Sanger said...

thanks angela!

well she has a spotted bag now under her arm - the spots help allude to it - as it was black on black before, with only the strap indicating there was a bad there:) though you are right - not much has changed:) Oh, she now has a mole on her face!