Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Self Portrait Wednesday

Well here I am again - Me in work mode with glasses! Oh, and purple!


michelle giacobello said...

Cool - Like those old Roneographs they used to hand out at school in the 70's. God I loved the smell of those. The teacher must have thought I was some sort of pervert. I'd get my paper and hold it to my face and breathe deeeeeep. Same with Texta's.

Sorry, I digress. Nice portrait! :)

Daniel Sanger said...


Yeah, Texta smell was awesome! awesome until passing out that is:)lol We had those textas with the jester on the packet? I think it was a jester.

michelle giacobello said...

Yep - them's the ones.

That wasn't an offer to smell you by the way;).

Anonymous said...

Wonderful selfportrait Daniel! :)