Monday, 2 April 2007

Nearly Done!

After a painting marathon over the weekend, I'm still yet to finish painting 2 of 4. I'm very nearly there, though have some final touches to apply. I would be finished today however, if it weren't for a mishap involving bright blue water that hadn't been changed in days, and then that bright blue water finding it's way onto the canvas. Much swearing occurred! Consequently most of Sunday was spent fixing her newly acquired Smurf complexion. Rest assured it will be finished tonight! I still have to finish the tattoo, shading on the arms and make-up on her face.

Also early Saturday morning my wife and I made a quick trip to Frankston to pick up our newly purchased artwork by the very talented Michelle Giabello. We have to buy hooks for them, though they still look fantastic resting on our bookcase for the time being:)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful job So far.... can't wait to see it finished!
You two have a good eye. Michelle's work is AWSOME! :) *Claps*

michelle giacobello said...


Thanks so much for posting a photo of them in their new home :)