Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Finally Results!

After many hours of painting last night I finally got to know my paint! We'd had a troubled relationship early on, though despite our differences I think we now truly understand each other:) Acrylic paint and I are now friends! I've finally worked out how to blend effectively and am happy with the results I'm getting. I now know this painting will work! Still so much to do - as the past five days were spent sussing out how to best use Acrylic paint. Here's a quick pic - note the face has a long way to go - though the face is becoming more textured as different layers are applied, and soon this woman will have a full face - warts and all!


michelle giacobello said...

She's looking good - and hurrah for getting to know your paints!
Look out Canterbury!

Daniel Sanger said...

thanks:) Hopefully acrylic and I stay friends!