Friday, 2 February 2007


Hello, and welcome to my first post. Sorry it's not a very exciting one, though I do hope to provide you with much info about current artwork as it progresses. So please check back on a regular basis for some potentially interesting updates on my work.



Lauren said...

Looking forward to seeing some new work Daniel! How exciting!

michelle giacobello said...

Good on you Daniel.

Hope this means you're joining 'self portrait wednesday'

Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

Welcome to blogger Daniel.
You will rock them with your work!

Daniel Sanger said...

thankyou all for your kind words:) Also 'Portrait Wednesday' for sure!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

I'm glad I didn't throw away my Yr 12 jumper with that exquisite Simpsons drawing on it. Will be worth a bit I think.

And can I just say 'Go Waverly Reds'.