Wednesday, 22 August 2007

weird night!

I had a very weird night last night. We went to a friend's new house in Elwood for dinner. Well the first hour went swimmingly. However during the second I managed to nearly faint! Yes, faint! I think it occurred due to a combination of their extremely well heated house coupled with my layer upon layer of winter clothing. As I said a weird night.

Well pre-fainting before we left for dinner last night, I managed to do a little more work on the face in my new WIP. It's a very intricate face, so a steady hand is a must. Lucky I didn't faint then! Well here's a little more development on the face...


michelle giacobello said...

Oh you poor lamb!

I trust you're fully recovered. :)

Daniel Sanger said...

yeah I'm fine now I think:) Been a bit out of it this week - maybe it's some kind of bug.