Friday, 20 July 2007

I'm Extremely Well Hung

Yesterday I made my way to Brighton to hang my 4 geisha paintings for the Brighton Art Show. Immediately after entering the grand old mansion I was swiftly directed to my very own wall. I've never had a whole wall to myself, and I must say I kind of like it. With hammer in hand I started bashing my hooks into the wall. For some reason I felt like I was vandalising their wall, as I hadn't seen anybody else hammering since I arrived. Was I allowed to make holes in the wall? Thankfully others started bashing away and I was instantly relieved.


Lauren said...

You might want to adjust the big one when you go back, it looks a little bit crooked to me or is that just the photo?

Anyhooo, congrats on your own wall!! All the best with the show.

Angela said...

Congradulations Daniel!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

woot! yay .. congratulations how exciting. when are they going to invent some type of porthole things where you can port yourself around whereever you want to go .. if i had one i port down and see the show ! good luck