Thursday, 12 July 2007


I'm still waiting for black portions of my Brighton Art Show paintings to dry. It's driving me nuts! The other colours have all managed to dry themselves off without a care in the world. Not black. The black parts have already had a good 6 days to get their act together. Instead they remain content on clinging to random wet shiny patches scattered throughout the 4 pieces. They've got until next Thursday to pull up their socks otherwise these 4 wet Geisha's aren't going anywhere. I think they'll dry in time though (knock on wood). They have to. Yeah they will (gulp).


Angela said...

Ohhh don't worry. I'm sure they will dry in time. That is what I don't like about oils though. They take sooo freakin' long to dry, it's pathetic! I just do not have the patience but to each their own. :) Hope that they dry in time.

Lauren said...

Yeah, acrylics for me... I love how they dry as I'm painting and then can go back and work over that same area 30 minutes later! So cool.

Hope they dry in time.