Tuesday, 24 July 2007


We gave my painting room a massive clean the other day. It was a huge job, though it so needed to be done. I'll admit it did take a letter from the real estate informing us of an inspection to get our butts into gear, though it's now done all the same. So much rubbish! I mean there were mountains and mountains of paper covered in paint, not to mention empty paint tubes scattered throughout. Old useless brushes that had managed to go unnoticed for months became the contents of a large garbage bag, with the good brushes being upgraded to a nice silver canister. 5 garbage bags later my painting room was complete. I'm starting my next series of paintings next week - s0 time to mess it up again! hehe

BTW: The much needed clean uncovered the pair of glasses I thought I'd lost. So I now have 2 pair:)


michelle giacobello said...

5 Bags! well done you!

Anytime you want to come around and start on my studio is fine by me....


Oh well, it was worth a try.

crumpet said...

I have to do that tomorrow... for the inspection on Thursday... eek!