Thursday, 30 October 2008

Joe Sorren

The Dance of All Hallow's Eve - Joe Sorren

Joe Sorren is without a doubt one of my favorite artists today. His work is so wondrously tender, surreal and innocent. If you're not familiar with his work then get yourself to his website pronto! Or Check out his blog - which sometimes has WIP shots, exploring his artistic process..

Joe was also kind enough to recently take a look at a work of mine that will hang in my November/December show. I was really appreciative that he took the time to offer his opinion - which was a thumbs up by the way:) Phew!


michellegiacobello said...

Awesome. Love his work. You must be thrilled. :)

Sandy said...

I have had Joe Sorren on my "ones to watch" list for some time...great! A truly innovative artist!

Michelle Connolly said...

Brilliant I love Joes's work so glad you have introduced him to me!