Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Santo Strikes a Pose - Our 3rd Session

I had an absolute ball yesterday afternoon. With camera in hand I made my way to the Working Dog offices in South Yarra. Within 10 minutes of arriving I was snapping away as Santo did his thing as only Santo can. He was such a good sport and was incredibly generous with his time. He really is such a nice guy - exactly as you'd expect him to be! I have the utmost respect for him and thank him enormously. After numerous photographs and sketches I had all the information I required to begin the painting.


michelle giacobello said...

That is a great shot!

It must have been a great afternoon. :)

Robert said...

Yeah I reckon it would have been great. Any snaps of Santo holding the anchovies?

A Reason to Paint said...

What fun, thanks for sharing the experience Daniel.

This Painting Life said...

Ahha...the man behind he sheet...Holy Batman Daniel, you guys must be having the best time!

Anonymous said...

Does Santo know what he's in for?

Looks like awesome fun