Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Pretty much done..

Was up quite late last night trying to get at least one of my Geisha paintings 100% finished. Well this one is pretty much done - I'll prob just touch up the decorations in tad.


michelle giacobello said...

So pretty Daniel!
I love the graininess on her kimono.

Daniel Sanger said...

thanks:) not sure if the graininess is there in real life - I think it might just be noise on the jpg - hehe

Lauren said...

Bet you are rapt to see the end of this one. Looks really good, you are right... needs a bit more red in the top part of the hair thing but apart from that GREAT!

Angela said...

WOW! It is looking wonderful! I think it's done like it is Daniel! Up to you though seeing as how you are the artist. :) Great work, thanks for sharing!