Thursday, 28 June 2007

Dr Sketchy!

Last night I enjoyed another session of Dr Sketchy fun. It was a full house nearly, so the scratching sounds of pens and pencils were at full force in surround sound:) I went with my friend and fellow artist Michelle Giacobello. It was a great night as I won a Garter!

Unfortunately as Jem pointed out, this one looks like somebody taking a leak in the toilet.

Here's my prize garter. I shall proudly wear it always!


michelle giacobello said...

Too funny about the garter - you so deserved it!

Lovely sketches, lovely company - Sorry abut being so grumpy. I'll behave better next time!

Daniel Sanger said...

hey don't worry, you didn't seem that grumpy at all:) - we all have bad days anyway.

Lauren said...

whooo! Love the new look!

Pretty good sketches too!! Except for the one taking a wizz. Pretty cool trick for a girl though.