Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Start of a Glass

I didn't plan on painting last night. I had every intention of going to gym and then just relaxing for the night. This did not happen. I got home from work, got ready for gym and then thought I'd just paint for 5 min before I go. Well lets just say I couldn't stop. So she now has the
beginnings of a glass. Also - I never went to gym:)


michelle giacobello said...

It's sort of spooky watching it all come together.

Keep going! Looking good.

Anonymous said...


Angela said...

Wonderful work! I'm sooo glad that you posted it when you added the glass! GREAT WORK! It looks tooo kewl!

Daniel Sanger said...

Thanks peoples:)

Still more to do - and the glass is so not finished yet:) Thanks for kind words:)