Monday, 29 September 2008

The Naked Truth

In this day and age it's pretty damn alarming to learn that some people still get quite uneasy about nudity in art. I honestly don't get it. What is so offensive about a naked body? To be offended by a naked body is to be offended by the human form. Are they ashamed of their own bodies? Do they shower with their eyes closed or ensure the bedroom is pitch black on occasion. I feel sad for and pity those who take issue with nudity in art, as they're missing out on the wonderful masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance for one. There is nothing more honest, insightful, vulnerable and beautiful than the naked form.


michellegiacobello said...

Yep - it's odd.

The naked form is beautiful and should be celebrated. We all have a a naked body underneath, and to capture it in art is to speak to ourselves about humanity without the pretensions we pile on top.

I think seeing a naked form makes some people feel vulnerable and that is uncomfortable.

Daniel Sanger said...

Yeah, might be too honest and confronting for some - Maybe some are also raised to be ashamed of their bodies - which then carries into adulthood. Interesting though.. Maybe worthy of a forum topic..