Thursday, 19 June 2008

Opening Night Cocktail Party!

I had a fantastic time last night! Jem and I attended the Hidden Faces of the Archibald opening last night and enjoyed every minute of it. The paintings were incredible and strategcally placed all around the Park Hyatt. I was lucky enough to have mine placed in the main room where the function was held. It was also wonderful to meet fellow artists Helen Edwards and Raelene Sharp who also attended - who I hope to keep in contact with:)

Here are some pics - they were taken with my mobile phone, so quality is crappy


Sandy said...

The mobile phone camera did a good captured the "atmosphere."Is that you in the striped top?
Are the works for sale or is it purely an exhibition?

This Painting Life said...

Looks like a fun night Daniel, always good to connect with other artsts too.

Bobby Lee said...

Looks like it was a great night. Were there any hot dogs there?