Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Burning Sensations..

I met with Bob Franklin on Saturday in Hampton - It went extremely well. We spoke for about an hour and he was such a friendly and funny guy. The only problem was I'd somehow splashed turps on my lower leg moments before leaving the house to meet him - this became more evident as it began to burn during our meeting. Trying my best to hide the pain, I found myself lifting up my pant leg from time to time to watch it get progressively worse, as it quickly went through 5 different shades of red. We'll prob meet up again in a week or so - no using turps before out next meeting! haha - The patch of skin is still glowing..

Oh, I also had another meeting with Manyung Gallery in Mt Eliza. Well I'm excited to say I now have a 2nd Solo show this year booked for November. Very excited about this one!

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Sandy said...

Congratulations and best wishes for the show in November...