Tuesday, 20 November 2007

2nd meeting with Santo for Archibald 2008

We met again, this time at Loco cafe in Elsternwick. We've decided the painting will be based on a classic Late Show sketch and may feature another D-Gen member in the background (as he did in the original sketch). Apparently the ABC still have the very costumes from the sketch, so it's all systems go! We'll meet again in about 2 weeks to start our first actual sitting with 'Santo the Magnificent' in full costume! - should be a whole heap of fun:)


michelle giacobello said...

would love to be a fly on the wall at that sitting.

Looking forward to seeing it come together.

life-draw said...

Wow Daniel, what fun! Are you going to let us in on the sketch yet? Not the Thunderbirds? Would be a hard pose for the sitter without strings.

Jodie said...

Coffee looks good!

Can't wait to hear the progress reports.

Lauren said...

Update your blog slacker! (haha repaying the favour)

That coffee looks soooo good yummo